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Stakeholder Dialogue Aller (since 2014)

Interessen im Fluss has supported this stakeholder dialogue for NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V. [Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union]) since 2014.

The river Aller is one of Germany’s federal waterways no longer used for the transportation of goods. To explore possible ecological development options for the Aller and its floodplain, a dialogue process was initiated in 2014 by NABU (German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), the Ministry for the Environment of Lower Saxony, and Germany’s Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV).

The stakeholder dialogue was initiated in 2014 by the NABU in cooperation with the Federal Waterways Administration and the Environmental Ministry. Interessen im Fluss supports the dialogue in terms of concept development and implementation. Among other things, Interessen im Fluss planned and moderated three stakeholder forums. We also support the project group: 12 administrative and stakeholder organisations have agreed on joint objectives and a technical foundation of their work. Now they are making use of joint project opportunities.

More details on our contributions can be found in the credentials:

1. Akteursforum (2015)

2. Akteursforum (2016)

3. Akteursforum (2019)

Project group (seit 2016)

For more information on this dialogue, please visit NABU’s sites here.

Picture: Dani von Eiff

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