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We promote your success. We are passionate about your projects in the fields of science, environment, and sustainability. To ensure that you can focus on your core business, we are happy to support you, drawing on many years of experience in moderation, mediation, communication regarding environmental and scientific matters, and project management.



Testimonials by our clients

The seminar „Key-Competences for Career Development” addresses students of Faculty V Mathematics and Science at University of Oldenburg. Involvement of Key-Stakeholders is a major success factor in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, we invited a specialist on this topic to carry out a workshop for our students within this course. On behalf of our international students I wish to thank “Interessen im Fluss” for their related seminar on an important career success factor. Mrs. Cyrus managed to sensitize my students for this important issue. The students’ feedback received within our standard evaluation procedure at our university on this seminar was excellent.

Hans Holtorf, Universität Oldenburg

Die Arbeit der wasserwirtschaftlichen Verwaltung beinhaltet die regelmäßige Auseinandersetzung mit unterschiedlichsten Stakeholdern. Eine Moderation von Frau Borowski-Maaser beindruckt nachhaltig in diesem Sammelsurium von Stimmen und Meinungen – zu jeder Zeit behält sie den Überblick, hält den roten Faden fest in den Händen und lässt trotzdem ausreichend Raum für Kreativität.

Rudolf Gade, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Klimaschutz – Referat 24 „Oberflächen- und Küstengewässer, Meeresschutz"

Dr. Borowski-Maaser developed and moderated a key stakeholder event for us. It was attended by about 50 participants from our 7 partner countries, representing ministerial, administrative and project partnership level. Her positive attitude, style and moderation skills were highly appreciated by organisers and participants. The output we generated with her support could be fed directly into our working process.

Carsten Westerholt, Deputy Head of Secretariat, Interreg North Sea

Thanks a lot for your good work during the meeting in Viborg. I just had a look at your summaries and I must say they are very good. Thanks also for your suggestions on how to improve our work which I appreciate very much and I think offer us very relevant input for our minds to go on finding new, more rewarding and more effective ways to collaborate.

Àngels Orduña, INTERACT Point Valencia

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