Here are our ongoing projects, which we have been supporting for several years and in various ways, e.g. through event moderation, project success evaluation, result summaries, or by helping with project management.

Stakeholder events @marEEshift

Fishery and different stakeholder interests are at the core of events which we facilitate for the project on marine ecological-economic systems in the Western Baltic Sea.

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WaterCoG- Water –Co Governance for Ecosystems (Jan 2016 – Oct 2021)

This Interreg VB North Sea Project brings together eight partners from UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark to improve co-governance in water management.

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TOPSOIL- Topsoil and water. The climate challenge in the near subsurface (Dec 2015 – Dec 2021)

In TOPSOIL 24 partners from Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and UK work on the protection and the sustainable management of groundwater in the era of climate change.

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Stakeholder Dialogue Aller (since 2014)

Since its starts Interessen im Flusss supports the stakeholder dialogue for NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V. [Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union]).

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