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Consultation Board for an Integrated Groundwater Management Project

How does climate change affect our groundwater? And how can the stakeholders in the Lüneburg/Uelzen region ensure a sustainable approach to this important resource?

In 2023, we support the exciting IWAMAKO-ZuSa project on behalf of the Elbe-Seitenkanal irrigation association with our expertise as facilitators and mediators. Together with SCHELP MEDIATION we design, moderate and document interactive and effective meetings of the consultation board. In this way, their diverse interests are well integrated and they can move quickly from the scientific project results to the implementation of measures.

We are delighted to support this project, as climate change adaptation is one of our key concerns!

What are the Tasks and Objectives of IWAMAKO-ZuSa?

The project group wants to develop the framework for a sustainable water supply for the city and district of Lüneburg and the region of Uelzen.

This framework will provide the basis for concrete water management projects and help develop climate-smart water management measures. We work to inform and involve stakeholders in agriculture and forestry, environmental protection, society and water management, to identify their needs and interests and to find joint solutions.

We look forward to the results of the project! And we will do our best to facilitate that its recommendations are taken up with conviction in the future planning and implementation of future measures by all water suppliers, maintenance associations, industry, commerce, agriculture and the  water authorities of the district of Lüneburg and the city of Lüneburg as well as the district of Uelzen.

The 4th meeting of the monitoring committee will take place on 19 September 2023.


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