Our Focus

Water Management

Renaturation of floodplains, riverbank landscaping, management of a river’s catchment area, creation of networking opportunities for experts – on a transnational or regional level: Our work promotes the resolution of conflicts of use between different stakeholders.

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Groundwater Management

Groundwater is invisible, and it is used in many different ways: as a source of drinking water and valuable agricultural, industrial, and trade resource. Dry weather highlights its exhaustible nature to the public. Water supplying companies see an increasing demand for a new public participation approach.

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Shaping our society in a way that ensures sufficient (natural) resources for a healthy, peaceful, and safe life now and in future: That is what sustainability means. To include expert knowledge about key topics and social needs in strategic decisions, people from all disciplines and interest groups need to be included.

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Climate Change

Adaptation and mitigation – the extent to which the climate is changing requires both strategies. In this context, we help stakeholders to carefully bring all their interests to the table and to develop measures promoting society’s resilience.

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Farmers form our environment. They shape our cultural landscapes and make a major contribution to society – not only by providing food. Of course, agriculture also uses and puts a strain on joint resources.

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