Climate Change

Heavy rain, drought, heat stress, health-related stress – new extremes and developments caused by climate change require many regions and municipalities to rethink and adapt their own plans: Is existing protection sufficient? How to improve local resilience? How can Europe and transnational collaboration foster local adaptation and climate protection? The implementation of adaptive management is often at the core of the projects and processes we support. Here you will find our latest examples:

News on Climate Change

2023AgricultureBlogClimate ChangeCredentialsGroundwater ManagementMediationModerationProjects
Consultation Board for an Integrated Groundwater Management Project

2023AgricultureBlogClimate ChangeCredentialsGroundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
Blue Transition – Improving the Water and Soil Balance in Our Regions

2021Climate ChangeCredentialsProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
C5a: Promoting an Integrated Cloud-to-Coast-Approach in the North Sea Region

How to foster integrated climate change adaptation.

2021Climate ChangeCredentialsProjects
Development of a Heat Action Plan for Cologne. Protecting Senior Citizens from Heat.

Implementation of stakeholder workshops.

2020AgricultureClimate ChangeGroundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsPublic Relations / PRSustainability
TOPSOIL – Topsoil and water. The climate challenge in the near subsurface (Dec 2015 – Dec 2021)

In TOPSOIL 24 partners from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK work on the protection and sustainable management...

2018Climate ChangeModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainability
KliFo Kommunal: Training on climate change adapation at local level

Climate Change Adaptation needs local awareness: planning and cooperation can raise resilience towards stormwater events, heat waves and other impacts.

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