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Consultation Board for an Integrated Groundwater Management Project

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Blue Transition – Improving the Water and Soil Balance in Our Regions

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2020BlogMediationModerationProject Support
Virtual Meetings in transnational Projects: How to Improve?

Bringing the team together - this is our most important challenge when meeting online. In this blog we share our...

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2020BlogMediationModerationProject SupportPublic Relations / PR
Online Stakeholder Involvement – webconferences are good for climate protection

Virtual meetings, web conferences - we all know them. And now they are getting more popular!

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2020BlogModerationProject Support
External moderation: Do you really need it?!?

Surgeons do not operate on themselves. But many scientific and environment-related projects try to do just that: They present content...

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2020BlogPublic Relations / PR
Emotional appeal: dubious PR blah blah or communication prerequisite?

Let’s communicate facts, not emotions! When you suggest the addition of a few emotional elements to the fact-focused communication of...

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2020BlogProject Support
You had to jump in at the deep end?

“Get going!“ This is the main message accompanying the start of most new projects. The positive excitement goes hand in...

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How to DIY … project moderation

With a good moderator, work meetings are more efficient and satisfying. You do not always need an external person for...

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