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Online Stakeholder Involvement – webconferences are good for climate protection

Virtual meetings, web conferences - we all know them. And now they are getting more popular!

Transnational cooperation need meetings. Face-to-face catalyzes the development of new ideas and the implementation of good projects. Still, the travel resources connected to transnational cooperation and international meetings are huge. With online meetings these resources are considerable reduced- and they are in these times also good for avoiding infections. Well designed they can contribute to transnational learning, to joint discussion and to cooperation differently but as well as face-to-face meetings do.

Of course we work with traditional tools such as Webex or Qicochat and we are also flexible to make use of your in-house tool.

We help you to re-tailor your event and provide technical support. Becaues also online-events are as successfull as they are well prepared. Then you can include even break-out groups, plenary discussions, parallel chats and surveys.

Any questions- you are most welcome to contact us!

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