Groundwater Management

Complex hydro-geological modelling, labour-intensive gathering of data, years of waiting between the introduction of a measure and its visible (measurable) effects: All of this is in a groundwater manager’s job description. At the same time, the public is very concerned about drinking water and the consequences of groundwater abstraction. We act as moderators for expert panels and public participation rounds alike, when there are questions such as: Which innovative measures will preserve our groundwater? When do people put faith in a water supplying company, and rightly so? How to integrate complicated expert statements into information material for the public? How to promote sustainable groundwater protection with the support of legal frameworks and co-governance? Here you will find a few examples from our latest projects.

News on Groundwater Management

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Consultation Board for an Integrated Groundwater Management Project

2023AgricultureBlogClimate ChangeCredentialsGroundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
Blue Transition – Improving the Water and Soil Balance in Our Regions

2020Groundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
WaterCoG-Water-Co Governance for Ecosystems (Jan. 2016–Oct. 2021)

This Interreg VB North Sea Project brings together eight partners from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark to...

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TOPSOIL – Topsoil and water. The climate challenge in the near subsurface (Dec 2015 – Dec 2021)

In TOPSOIL 24 partners from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK work on the protection and sustainable management...

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