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Within your research and funding projects, you generate important data, implement innovative measures, or might even become a role model for others. But your results need to be accessible first! Many government agencies and research facilities do have in-house PR departments advertising meetings and events. Nevertheless, very often, there simply is neither enough time nor inspiration to prepare information from another area of expertise for presentation purposes.

Our flyers, syntheses, or policy briefs will help you...

to make people aware of your topics:

Are you working on an important topic? Make sure it does not end up in a drawer! Work on a coherent communication strategy with us, including messages tailored to your target audience's needs as well as efficiently applied measures. comply with your obligation to inform:

For the head of a project, it is often impossible to work as a technical expert while developing appealing types of information material and formats at the same time. That is why we are happy to prepare those for you.

...if PR is a condition for your project's funding:

In fact, requirements regarding successful project work and PR have changed over the last few years. To many investors, the obligation to keep the public informed is not nice to have, but an essential requirement for the funding of projects. We are happy to do this part of the job for you, thus freeing up head space for the expert part of your job.

We are happy to create your ...

syntheses, flyers, policy briefs, posters, concepts and texts for print products

professional texts including first sketches, if necessary, to simplify your later collaboration with a graphic designer.

press releases

Appealing and easy-to-understand press releases including an up-to-date peg and everything else journalists need to present your topic properly.

communication strategies

A well-planned PR strategy, with as much input from your side as you want and suitable formats. We efficiently combine well-established and innovative elements.

News on Public relations / PR

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