You are in a dispute? When resources are tight, conflicts of interests are often unavoidable. The reconciliation of all interests becomes ever more of a challenge.

We recommend mediation, …

..when there is a conflict of interests and all parties insist on their respective positions:

We will find a way to resume the discussion, and we will help you to e.g. develop a compromise between restoration of the floodplain and intensive arable farming.

...when there is "room for negotiation":

Final measures have not been determined (yet), alternative solutions are still possible. These can be identified, prioritised, and maybe even chosen by the conflicting parties as part of the mediation process

...when all stakeholders have a vested interest in conflict resolution:

You are becoming aware of the unresolved conflict’s dire consequences, and want to help resolve it.

We offer

"Traditional" mediation / conflict resolution

Be it within a team of experts or between several stakeholders within a project: Very often, a standpoint ("You need to reduce water abstraction", "You need to provide more data and improve your models") is the result of a certain interest ("The landscape should still be worth living in for my grandkids", "Our decisions should not have any negative consequences for the environment in the long run"). Mediation allows stakeholders to compare their own interests to those of others, and to find compromises which (re)enable collaboration. As an external mediator, we support you in resuming dialogue and finding common ground if you have reached a dead end.

Professional planning and implementation of public participation

You would like to involve the public in your planning process? Or maybe you need the support of important stakeholders? Early, comprehensive, and suitable inclusion of all stakeholders requires a professional approach. To get everyone involved in the discussion and the process, we work with a combination of different forms of mediation and moderation. This also includes support in terms of public relations/PR.

Optimisation of your ongoing processes

If things aren't going smoothly, or if you worry about not using your resources as efficiently as possible, we analyse the situation together and find solutions: Why is the "round table" not working properly? Why are measures not implemented? As a consequence, work groups might be cancelled or redefined, or you might take a closer look at what you want to achieve, whom you need to do that, and where "old conflicts" still linger.

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