We moderate your discussion rounds and work meetings. And we advise you on whether or not professional, external facilitation by someone like us makes sense.

We recommend an external moderator ...

...if you depend on results:

Very often, there is only one single opportunity to bring all major stakeholders to the table. We make sure everything is prepared professionally, runs smoothly, and is properly worked on afterwards. This is how we ensure that your event delivers everything you need.

...if you want to contribute content:

Our moderation has your back. During the discussion, we keep the common thread running. This is how you can focus on the content or presentation you came to share.

...if you find yourself in several roles at once, thus threatened in your credibility:

Decision maker and moderator of a debate – clearly separating these two roles is a major advantage. Imagine yourself in a heated debate: You don't want to act as the firefighter and then be charged with arson, do you?

...if you want to use your event to spend time with your participants:

The person responsible for handing out welcome packages, sorting pin board cards, and timekeeping does not have enough free time to talk shop. What a shame if this person is the inviting party! Leave all this tedious background work to us and enjoy your own event all relaxed and present.

We offer

Professional concept development for your event

Together with you, we determine achievable targets, possible settings, and methods to be used at your event. If you want us to, we are happy to carry out a systematic stakeholder analysis to determine how to handle possible difficulties. We are also happy to help you with addressing your target audience and invitation management.

Moderation and recording of results

During your event, we are guiding through the programme. We facilitate the discussion and make sure that results are achieved. If you want us to, we can also visualise those for you right away and prepare them in your desired format later on, e.g. as minutes, reports, or handouts for your participants. Of course, we also offer the development of concepts for longer processes, e.g. for public participation projects, participative research, and the inclusion of stakeholders in your research project. Please feel free to get in touch!

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Analysis of the conflict potential in regional eel management. Commissioned by Landesforschungsanstalt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Institut für Fischerei.

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