Integration of different fields, environmental protection, the triangle of sustainability comprising social, ecological, and economic aspects, interdisciplinarity, transnational and international collaboration, transformation, innovation – these buzzwords are typical of our events and projects. Striking a balance between expert-level details and cross-silo thinking is what our moderation job is all about every day. This allows you to keep an eye on your modelling’s individual parameters as well as on the benefitting environmental strategies. Here you will find our latest projects and news from the field of “sustainability”.

News on Sustainability

2023AgricultureBlogClimate ChangeCredentialsGroundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
Blue Transition – Improving the Water and Soil Balance in Our Regions

2021Climate ChangeCredentialsProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
C5a: Promoting an Integrated Cloud-to-Coast-Approach in the North Sea Region

How to foster integrated climate change adaptation.

2020MediationProjectsPublic Relations / PRSustainabilityWater Governance
Eel-Management in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern- Stakeholder-Dialog

The management of the European eel is ambitious in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

2020MediationModerationProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
Stakeholder events @marEEshift

Fishery and different stakeholder interests are at the core of events which we facilitate for the project on marine ecological-economic...

2020Groundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
WaterCoG-Water-Co Governance for Ecosystems (Jan. 2016–Oct. 2021)

This Interreg VB North Sea Project brings together eight partners from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark to...

2020AgricultureClimate ChangeGroundwater ManagementModerationProject SupportProjectsPublic Relations / PRSustainability
TOPSOIL – Topsoil and water. The climate challenge in the near subsurface (Dec 2015 – Dec 2021)

In TOPSOIL 24 partners from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK work on the protection and sustainable management...

2018Climate ChangeModerationProject SupportProjectsSustainability
KliFo Kommunal: Training on climate change adapation at local level

Climate Change Adaptation needs local awareness: planning and cooperation can raise resilience towards stormwater events, heat waves and other impacts.

2018MediationModerationProjectsSustainabilityWater Governance
Eel management: Stakeholder interviews and group model building

Analysis of the conflict potential in regional eel management. Commissioned by Landesforschungsanstalt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Institut für Fischerei.

HortInnova- Research strategy for innovation in horticulture

Innovative crop protection and breeding strategies, production systems, sustainability, climate protection, urban gardening. Interessen Im Fluss facilitated kick off and...

MULTAGRI: How can agriculture contribute better to biodiversity?

In this project, research institutes analysed (amongst other) the impact of EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) on supporting biodiverstiy. Our...

2012CredentialsProject SupportProjectsPublicationsSustainabilityWater Governance
Ecosystem-Services & PES: Case study design and implementation

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