HortInnova- Research strategy for innovation in horticulture

Innovative crop protection and breeding strategies, production systems, sustainability, climate protection, urban gardening. Interessen Im Fluss facilitated kick off and closing event.

Interessen Im Fluss was commissioned to design and facilitate kick-off and closing conferences.

During the HortInnova – Kick Off  about 70 experts were given the opportunity to agree on research areas of practical relevance to foster innovation in horticulture. For this we designed a World Café with real output. (November 2015)

The HortInnova-results workshop presented the developed research strategy to 70 experts in a combined format of podium discussion, presentation and plenary discussion.

Commissioned by WeGa-Kompetenznetz Gartenbau e. V.

More information on HortInnover can be found  here.


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