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Results of the WaterCoG Pilot Evaluation

Our Results in "Water" and Our Final Report.

In order to help the project partners to better understand the effects and challenges of water co-governance, we implemented and evaluated a participatory evaluation process in seven WaterCoG pilots. We are very happy to say that our results are now published and accessible online!

We were able to identify eight fundamental lessons that are summarized in this report for water managers. The synthesis brings together five country reports from Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and Germany. It aims to improve and simplify water co-governance in the future.

We published an article on the same topic in “Water”, a peer-reviewed open source journal. You can find it here. The paper shows that social learning as a shared understanding of complex ecosystem and water management problems can be supported through the active involvement of stakeholders and citizen science. The article uses specific examples to show which access and tools stakeholders need for this and how trust and knowledge can be built up.

More general information on the WaterCoG project is available on our project page or here.


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